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Pictures designed by robots

Pictures from the fantasmagorical worlds of Xan can be ordered from here.

As you probably noticed when visiting Xan's pages, the generation of these unprobable pictures has to deal with chaos modelization, a bit like fractal images : Xan's conception is very different from traditional image processing, where you can draw a blue ball and then put it somewhere on the image. What you should keep in mind is that full control of Xan's output is not possible. Meanwhile, the robot can be directed precisely enough to produce the desired picture, and you can choose a specific color range, ask for a particular image style that you like (refering to the samples in the Xan's pages), and of course set the width and height of the image.

What you will get from this service are Xan's fantastic, uncopyrighted pictures. An artist's job that will match the quality of the images presented on this web site. Once you receive the ordered pictures, they become, completely, yours : there is no restriction on their use. You may process them further, copy them, print them, sell them, you may apply for legal copyright... this is your job !

Uncopyrighted pictures !

Standard orders :

On the order form, you can select preferences for the dimensions, styles, and color palettes of your pictures, as well as their file format (available formats are compressed PNG, GIF and JPEG). Width may range from 10 to 600 pixels. Height may range from 10 to 400 pixels.

Using the same preference pattern, you can order a set of different pictures : this option allows you to get several variations of the same image style. All provided pictures automatically become your full property.


Prices (in EURO, VAT 21% excl)

 Number of pictures      100 to           120.000 to
   (same style)      120.000 pixels     240.000 pixels

    1 picture            35.00              50.00
    2 pictures           60.00              85.00
    3 pictures           85.00             115.00
    4 pictures          110.00             145.00 
    5 pictures          135.00             185.00 
    6 pictures          160.00             210.00
    7 pictures          180.00             235.00
    8 pictures          200.00             260.00
    9 pictures          220.00             285.00
   10 pictures          240.00             310.00

 Value Added Tax (21%) : applicable to residents of
 the European Union only.

Special orders :

Xan can also generate very large images that will fit perfectly for posters, cloth printing models, and various other purposes. For such pictures, group orders, or other demands that wouldn't match the standard scheme, please contact us.


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