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Xan, a robot artist

Xan's art gallery

Xan is a logical robot which generates a totally new style of chaotic images. Unlike fractal images (which are built using a single mathematical process), Xan's pictures are the result of a permanent interaction between several processes which can live both independently or among other processes. Each mathematical process is a bit like a fish in the water : a fish can live by itself, but does not behave the same way if it stays alone in the big blue or if it finds a place within a group. The group has its own global behavior, and is refered to - in the case of Xan - as a network robot.

This page, like many others on this web site, shows various pictures from Xan's world (even our tiny butterfly logo has been designed by Xan !). These pictures are quite easily recognizable, since they all share a common style. Xan's art gallery also shows the variety of Xan's production.

Other graphic robots were designed as well, each of them carrying its own painting style. As an example, you may have a look at the pictures included in our e-shop page. The style of those pictures are quite different from Xan's. They were actually painted by Zora, another robot who shares some - but not all - of Xan's behavior.

Can Xan paint for me ?

Yes : robots can paint for you ! Xan's pictures are highly customizable, and the robots can now be directed precisely to produce tailor-made digital art works.

Xan's pictures are not limited by size : the robot can generate small pics (web banners, small printable works) as well as very big ones (printable works for T-shirts, tissues and clothes, posters, ...), with absolutely no loss in quality/precision.

Can I get Xan's works ?

If you are just looking for pretty, uncopyrighted pictures to include in your web site, your magazine, your book or your post cards, order online ! This unexpensive service gives you the opportunity to order unique art works from Xan (all copyrights included) for the price of a conventional graphic banner !

Xan paints every picture under your general directions given on the order form. You can use the serial numbers of the pictures in the gallery to detail your wishes.

Your needs are more specific (subject, style, size, graphic design, ...) ? Then you better contact us !

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