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How to play piano :

Click on the black and white keys.

How to play guitar :

Drag the red ball with your mouse. To drag it horizontally, locate your mouse cursor under the string (not necessarily on the red ball itself). You can also drag it vertically, above the string, to obtain continuous variations between notes.

Synthesizer controls :

1. The Volume :

An internal volume regulator. It doesn't interfere with your computer's volume control, which you can use simultaneously.

2. The Damper :

Set the damper scroll bar right in the middle to obtain unchanged sound levels (Sync mode only).

3. The Scaler :

The scaler allows you to create customized keyboards for any choosen scale. Using the scaler will prevent you from playing wrong notes ! To change the scale, first write a new scale in the text field, then press the rescale button on the right.

Scales must be entered using international notation : C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B (latin notation : do=C re=D mi=E fa=F sol=G la=A si=B )

You can disable keyboard customization simply by entering a blank value in the field : you will then get the standard CC#DD#EFF#GG#AA#B keyboard.

4. Distortion :

To obtain electric guitar distortion effects : set the internal volume high and the guitar distortion mode on.

5. Sync mode :

Try this effect when creating Hertzian freaks !

Create Hertzian freaks :

Click and drag your mouse on the waves to generate sound freaks. Also switch both the Sync and Distortion modes on and off to see how they behave.

Record and replay :

1) Start the recorder.
2) Play music.
3) Stop the recorder.

You can then replay your song by starting the Player. You can also use time breaks (recorder stops) during recording to change a few parameters (scale, distortion, ...), and keep on recording afterwards.

Save your song for the posterity :

Send your best composition to the server, and make it available worldwide !

1) Click on the yellow Send button to open the dialog box.
2) Choose an ID (about 10.000 are available).
3) Send your song with the Send button.
4) Wait for the confirmation message from the server.
5) Press the See Archive button to see your song listed.
6) A player in the archives allows you to listen to any of the listed songs.

Your song will be stored on the server for a few months (depends on the traffic), and will be replaced by the most recent production from our visitors when it reaches the end of the list.

Don't panic !

Neurosonic will NOT fill your computer's memory with audio data, and your song will NOT take a century to be uploaded to the server ! As this software uses a TDG compression grammar, you won't have problems recording, replaying, and sending even a 15-minutes composition.

Copyright warning :

By sending your music through this service, your are aware that your work will be provided 100% freely and uncopyrighted to the entire world !

A Personal edition of this music synthesizer software will be available soon. It will allow you to play, save, sample, remix, and manipulate your compositions offline and privately on your home computer.

Your feedback :

This release of Neurosonic e-guitar is a beta version. Your comments, reports about bugs or compatibility problems, and other suggestions are welcome : they all help us in building the kind of software you like. You are free to use the form below. Any information (your e-mail, configuration, ...) given by you through this feedback is only aimed at improving our software, and we consider it as confidential. It will not be given to third parties or used for other purposes.

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