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Order online

Software licenses (Modulator Jane) and Xan's pictures can be ordered online :

To order, fill in the form, and click on the Confirm Order button to send it.

  • No information will be sent unless you press the Confirm Order button at the bottom of the form. A few raw checks are made on the form, and if some information is missing, or if a connection problem occurs, a message box will be displayed with an error message.
  • Please keep the reference of your order (as given on the form), and of the total amount to pay. This information will be needed for your payment, or for communications about your order.

Payment (bank transfer only)

When ordering, a reference number is automatically generated : you should keep a track of this reference, and write it as a communication for your bank transfer. Also keep track of the total amount to pay, as shown on the order form. Your order will be stored temporarily (2 months maximum) until we receive confirmation of your payment.


Material is delivered AFTER we receive confirmation of your payment, within a maximum period of 1 opening day for software, and a maximum of 3 opening days for Xan's pictures.

Material and registered licenses are sent to you by e-mail. An invoice/receipt can be sent by fax or by post, following the instructions you give on the order form.

Detailed sales conditions are included in the help box on the order forms. You can also view them directly from here (.txt files) :

Only a visit ?

No worry : only visiting the forms will not commit you to anything ! If you are interested in e-commerce solutions, have a curious look on how we use the Java technologies to design handy, non-conventional e-frontstores.

Contact us if you need such components.

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