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Modulator Jane

Animate your web site !

Modulator Jane is a sound visualizer applet, and will turn any web page into a online night club. This software uses regular *.AU sound files as pilots for a variety of light shows.

Modulator Jane is free for non-commercial, offline use.

Modulator Jane


Prices (VAT 21% included)

   Demo version    : Free
   Offline edition : 20.00 Euro (VAT excl: 16.53 Euro)
   Online edition  : 60.00 Euro (VAT excl: 49.57 Euro)

   VAT = EU value added tax (21%)

Available versions :

The Demo version is freely available for evaluation purposes (60 days) : this version will run with your own sound files and images, but only on your local file system. Evaluation on a server is also possible, but only with the sound files provided in the downloadable package.

A Registered version is what you need if you want to use the software (or parts of it) on your web site, for any kind of public representation, and/or for any commercial purpose. Each license comes with a specific version of the software. The SERVER EDITION will run from your server with your own sound files. The HOME EDITION will only run locally : use this version if you don't plan to set up Modulator Jane shows on your web site. These two versions of the software also include :

  • the removal of the Neural Semantics copyright notice from the screen display.
  • a registered copy of Modulator Jane's sound converter. This standalone Java application allows easy conversion and/or resampling of sounds from various AU, WAV, MP3 and AIFF audio file formats, in order to match the 8-bit mu-law, 8000Hz AU file format needed by Modulator Jane.
  • automatic extension of the license to future standard adds-on and upgrades of Modulator Jane version 1.0

Modulator Jane is a trade mark of Neural Semantics sprl
Java is a trade mark of Sun Microsystems inc.

Copyright © Neural Semantics sprl