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Technical info

Modulator Jane is a music visualizer applet, written in Java. It uses standard AU files (8000 Hz, 8-bit mu-law mono) as drivers for visual animations. This applet works basically the same way as a regular light show in your favorite disco club.

Of course, Java allows a lot more than just showing a couple of flashing lights, and Modulator Jane also includes more sophisticated light shows.

Modulator Jane


Modulator Jane works online within Java-enabled browsers, including those using early JVM version 1.0. Modulator Jane also runs locally on your computer, but for this purpose, your will better choose a more recent browser (Netscape 3 or 4, Internet Explorer 4 or 5), as you could experience problems fetching your images with the pre-jurassic Java version 1.0.

Supported audio files are Sun's mu-law encoded AU files, sampled at 8000 Hertz. You can use any regular sound converter to convert your music files into this web format. Commercial releases of Modulator Jane also include a Java utility which performs easy and quick conversion and resampling from various popular audio file formats (WAV, MP3, AU and AIFF), in order to meet these requirements. See Modulator Jane's sound converter for details.

Setting up your own light shows

All parameters needed to set up your own shows are entered through HTML tags. An extensive documentation about the Modulator Jane HTML settings can be found here. A copy of this documentation is also included in the downloadable package.

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Java is a trade mark of Sun Microsystems inc.

So, ready for the show ? Turn your speakers on ! And...

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