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The Microchips Circus

Click, drag, and tame it !

The Microchips Circus is an ultra-light (7K) and freeware web toy : this means you can use it on your computer without any restriction. You are also free to distribute it on the internet by using it in your own web pages (or by any other means) as long as you don't modify the java code (class file). Have a look at the information in the source code if you want to modify or use portions of this code.

The Microchips Circus is distributed under the GNU General Public License, and is licensed to you free of charge. The software is provided "as is" - there is no warranty of any kind. No support is included with this license.

HTML Settings

Copy the following HTML line into your web page, assuming the jar file is in the same directory as your page :

<APPLET CODE="MicrochipsCircus.class" 
        WIDTH=550 HEIGHT=290>

That's it ! You can also enlarge the applet by increasing its WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes.

Source code

Here is the source code for this applet :

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