Digital art

  • Microchips Circus

  • The Microchips Circus is an interactive, animated, digital art generator. Click, drag, and tame the animal !

    You can download it to use it offline.

    Status : freeware. Source code available.

    Pattern recognition

  • Smart Patterns
  • The Smart Patterns applet is a strange little toy which creates a multidimensional network of words, then sorts them graphically, according to their morphological similarities.

    This applet is followed by an introduction to NSN's : neurosemantic networks are new patterns developed by Neural Semantics in artificial intelligence.

    Status : demo.

    Image processing

  • Quick Color Browser

  • What is the RGB value of this color ? Click on any pixel of an image : this application returns its RGB and hexadecimal color values. Both a demo applet and a downloadable java application.

    Status : freeware. Applet source code available.

    Sound synthesis

  • The Jazz Machine

  • The jazz machine is a tiny applet which allows you to play 'jazz' on the internet. Not other people's music, but really your own music ! This generator uses your input to tune up and down the frequency and amplitude of a sound wave, which makes it a simple, animated, and fully digital online music instrument.

    Status : freeware. Source code available.

    Java programming

  • The Garbage Tracker

  • Can I programmatically heat up any computer connected to my web page ? At the opposite, can I programmatically save our earth's natural resources ? This applet takes you diving into the hidden sewers of the Java Virtual Machine. It not only shows your own JVM's garbage collector at work, but also gives an experimental overview of some good, bad, and neutral programming practices.

    Status : freeware. Source code available.